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If you'd like to know more about technologies, profiles or facilities, then get in touch with your regional contact point which you can find pinned in the figure or in the list below.

Map with all regional contact points

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List of all regional contact points

Title Country Contact person
Agropolis International France
Title Name E-Mail  
Fabien Boulier further Information
Title Name E-Mail  
Mr Yves HOUET further Information
DIL Germany
Title Name E-Mail  
Dr. Kerstin Lienemann further Information
FRIP Czech Republic
Title Name E-Mail  
Dr. Milan Houska further Information
IRTA Spain
Title Name E-Mail  
Dr. Lluis Salva further Information
KU Leuven LFT Belgium
Title Name E-Mail  
prof. dr. ir. Marc Hendrickx further Information
SP Sweden
Title Name E-Mail  
Professor Lilia Ahrné further Information
Title Name E-Mail  
Mrs. Bianca Pop further Information
TTZ Germany
Title Name E-Mail  
Annika Gering further Information
Wageningen UR - FBR Netherlands
Title Name E-Mail  
Ir. Ariette Matser further Information

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