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Introduction Once you have chosen and finely tuned the technical principle in order to fit the specifications at lab/pilot scale, the prototype has to be transferred to the industrial scale. At the end of this stage, you should have started the industrial production, or be ready to do so.

New technical constraints must be integrated in the pattern: the larger volumes, particularly, generate different physical, chemical and biological reactions, which must be taken into account. The energy consumption pattern can also be affected.

Additionally, all norms and standards must be fulfilled in order to be able to sell the final product.

And of course you have to meet the planned production yield, including the cleaning and maintenance times for the equipment.

It is also the moment to start thinking about potential further developments of the process/product.

Key issues - What will be the final design and dimension (fittings)?

- What are the possible extensions to foresee?

- How to match the safety standards (HACCP)?

- How to match the quality control standards?

- How to match the technical probate requests (CE, iso, healthy, organic, AOP, etc. authentifications)?

Food TIP's answers This website (Food Tech Innovation Portal) enables you to identify competences, i.e. experts (in that case technical centers), through the Profile section and Infrastructure section, that might be able to help you implementing the upscaling.

Additionally, some practical sheets might be helpful: Scale-up, Testing prototype, Access to infrastructure/ external know-how, Pre-production prototype

Other sources - ENFFI Tool box: Food sector specific tools to facilitate the access to the financing process (but providing also information related to technical, legal and marketing issues)

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Key words and relations Scale-up, Testing prototype, Access to infrastructure/ external know-how, Pre-production prototype
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