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Introduction The objective of this step is to ensure the technical feasibility of the product, including a satisfying yield that will ensure the future profitability of the project.

The specifications have to be fulfilled and technical bottlenecks have to be overcome through various studies, experimentations, tests and fine-tuning.

To achieve all these goals, you might need to use external resources, including competence and infrastructures (laboratories, machinery, test devices, analytical tools to monitor the tests, etc.). These needs have to be planned.

The competences might be used as services or integrated into the project team.

The access to external infrastructures should be well planned, taking into account the project calendar, the geographical localisation of the equipments, their availability, and the cost to use them.

Key issues - Inventory of possible alternative technical solutions - State of the art

- What technical development is necessary? Up-scaling problems foreseen?

- Is the (raw) material/equipment available in a satisfying way?

- What technical standards are required? (can differ depending on the country)

- What equipments are necessary (internal / external, availability)

- What logistical means are necessary (internal / external, availability)

Food TIP's answers This website (Food Tech Innovation Portal) tool enables you to get more specific information about a technology (or technological track) through the references section of the Technology section.

You can also identify competences, i.e. experts, through the Profile section, and accessible equipment through the Infrastructure section.

Some of the Practical Innovation Sheets can be helpful at this stage: Access to infrastructure/ external know-how, Business Cooperation/ Finding a partner, Case study , Pre-production prototype, Proof-of-concept, Testing prototype, Feasibility study, Benchmarking ,

Other sources - Enterprise Europe Networks: Online database of agrofood-related technology offers and requests

- ENFFI Tool box: Food sector specific tools to facilitate the access to the financing process (but providing also information related to technical, legal and marketing issues)

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