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Introduction The starting point of an innovative project is the identification of a need for innovation. This point is not only technical; it can have various origins such as pure creativity, technological watch, need/request from customers, new legal/economical/competitive context, etc.

Once the need is clearly identified, you need to define the technical constraints, which are gathered as “specifications”. These constraints are directly related to the functionalities that the customers will require from and judge the product on. The next step here is to collect all the potential solutions to this challenge: every idea is welcome! Finally you need to select 1 or 2 or 3 (maximum) solutions. This step may include quick and cheap pre-tests.

Key issues - What are the technical constraints that restrict the potential solutions?

- Is there an existing technical solution that exactly matches with my need?

  • If so, the problem is no more to develop an innovation project, but rather to get access to (see IPR section) and implement an existing technology.
  • If not, you need to browse the research results and already implemented technologies that might lead to a suitable technical solution. This is innovation!

- Where to find the related information? How to identify research results and existing technologies related to your problem and matching the technical constraints? - What gap exists between current research outcomes and further technological developments? Does realizing the idea involve substantial RTD parts?

Food TIP's answers - This website (Food Tech Innovation Portal) enables you to identify technologies (or technological tracks) through the Technology section for the collection of all potential solutions.

- You can also identify competences, i.e. experts, through the Profile Data Sheets, in order to help you find some solutions and select the top-3 solutions.

- Some of the Practical Innovation Sheets can be helpful at this stage: Access to infrastructure/ external know-how, Business Cooperation/ Finding a partner, Open innovation, SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking, Innovation management, Feasibility study, Proof-of-concept

Other sources - Enterprise Europe Networks: Online database of agrofood-related technology offers and requests

- New Venture Tools: Tools for technology evaluation and cost / benefit analysis

- ENFFI Tool box: Food sector specific tools to facilitate the access to the financing process (but providing also information related to technical, legal and marketing issues)

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