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Ultrasonic humidification (MicroTec)


Key words Ultrasonic humidification, high humidity, energy reduction, finest free floating aerosols, bakery products, proofing, microtec, product quality, fish, meat, freezing, defrosting, cooling
Latest version 2014/03/21
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How does it work?

Primary objective The MicroTec technology can be used in different process stages. By using ultrasonic humidification finest aerosols lead to relative humidiy of up to 99%. Especially for baking produkts this saves energy by substituting the high energy consuming water evaporation step for humidification during proofing. Further advantage of using the MicroTec technology for baking products is the increased product quality as a result of high relative humidity (no drying out, no splittering of the crust, increased windowing, brightness, longer freshness and crispness).
Working principle • production of sound waves by permanent pressure changes

• transformation of electrical energy in mechanical energy in the piezoelectric transducer

• piezoelectric transducer is on the bottom of the humidifier

• delamination of finest aerosols from the water boundary by mechanical oscillations

• discharge of the aerosols by an air flow in the humidifier

• fast dilution with the ambient air

• aerosols consist of very small diameters (~0,001-0,005mm) and accumulate finest free floating water mist

Additional effects Shorter process time, energy reduction, increased product quality
Important process parameters Temperature, relative humidity
Important product parameters

What can it be used for?

Products Bakery products, fish, meat, produce
Operations freezing, defreezing, cooling, proofing, storing
Solutions for short comings This is a technology especially for the food processing industry. Conventional equipment as shock freezer or proofing chamber with electrical steamer could be replaced.

What can it NOT be used for?

Other limitations Open rooms. Before implementing the technology a closed room needs to be created for holding high relative humidity.
Risks or hazards Especially in the proofing stage microbiologcal contamination could be a risk. Therefore, special cleaning/decontamination steps by using specific decontamination agents take place.


Maturity Ultrasonic humidification units are available in difference sizes from very small scale up to industrial implementation scale.
Modularity /Implementation This technology can be implemented very easily into excisting processes. Special point of consideration is the closed room which can be created easily by housing.
Consumer aspects Consumer surveys show that products processed with the MicroTec technology are well accepted because of having better and constant quality.
Legal aspects Please check local legislation.
Environmental aspects Energy saving

Further Information

Institutes TTZ
Companies Wolfram Ungermann Systemkälte GmBH & CO KG

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Lösche, K., Guttmann, S., Schulz, J., 2010; Aerosol aided air conditioning in bakeries; f2m baking+biscuit; f2m food multimedia GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; page 122-129

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