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Wageningen UR - FBR

English name:Wageningen University & Research centre (Wageningen UR)
Original name:Wageningen University & Research centre (Wageningen UR)
Department:Food & Biobased Research (FBR)

Research organisation: Non-profit research organisation,

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Non-profit research organisation
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Bornse Weilanden 9
6700 AA Wageningen

Bornse Weilanden 9 17 6700 AA Wageningen

Wageningen Netherlands 51° 59' 6" N, 5° 39' 29" E


Related Technology Datasheet

Acrylamide mitigation strategies
Air classification
Cold plasma for food application
Electrostatic separation
Fluid particle modelling
High pressure pasteurization of fish to prolong their freshness
High pressure processing
High pressure shellfish processing
High pressure thermal sterilisation
High-pressure low-temperature processes
Membrane (bio)fouling process control
Microwave drying of spice and herbs
Microwave heating
Modelling of quality of fruit and vegetables packaged in MA
Modelling of quality of meat packaged in MA during storage
Molecular probes for pectin analysis
Pectin engineering and texture
Pulsed electric field food cooking
Pulsed electric field processing
Pulsed electric fields and spore inactivation
Radiofrequency dielectric heating
Solvent extraction
Starch gelation by high pressure processing
Structure formation through pressure-induced protein denaturation
Supercritical extraction of flavour compounds in spice
Thawing of food products by radiofrequency
Tribology and food texture perception
Twin screw extrusion
Vacuum dry heating
Vision system for robot guidance and food inspection
X-ray for non-invasive food quality control
For industry For research organisation For Others
  Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
Structure forming processes
Conversion processes
(Food) physics
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Information and Communication Technology

Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Air classifier FBR Air classifiers
Cold Plasma unit FBR Plasma equipment
Cyclones FBR Cyclones
HPPS Labscale System FBR High Pressure equipment
HPPS Pilot System FBR High Pressure equipment
Mastersizer FBR Analytical instruments
Microfiltration unit FBR Membrane equipment
Microwave system 2450 MHz FBR Electro-Magnetic equipment
Microwave system 915 MHz FBR Electro-Magnetic equipment
Mini-100 Screw Press FBR Presses
Multimill FBR Mills
PEF Pilot System FBR PEF equipment
Restaurant of the Future FBR Panels
Test 2 - WUR-FBR Cyclones
Test equipment - FBR Cyclones
Test equipment 2 - FBR Cyclones
X-ray Tomography FBR Imaging
Technology Application field Equipment available

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Andrijana Horvat PhD Candidate NPD
Ariette Matser Senior Scientist
Ben Langelaan Research Manager Food Technology
Don Willems Researcher ICT
Paul Bartels project manager fish
Rian Timmermans researcher
Verena Eisner Researcher separation technology separation technology, membrane technology

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