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Start Date 2016/03/21
End Date 2016/03/24
Event Title School on PEF for Food Processing
Event Description The school will be co-organised by the University College Dublin (Prof. James Lyng and Dr. Cristina Arroyo Casabona) and COST Action TD1104 - EP4Bio2Med.

The objective of the School is to offer to students, academic and industrial researchers the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals of pulsed electric fields (PEF) and electroporation for food processing, through lectures by the leading PEF and electroporation experts.

The school will also include practical, hands-on experience, with special focus on the implementation of the PEF treatments for pasteurising liquid foods and enhancing cellular disruption in solid foods.

The main strengths of the School are that it will:

1. provide attendees with a timely update on novel electroporation methods and protocols, through presentations given by the main research groups working with PEF from across the world;

2. promote interaction between different research groups, facilitated by the simultaneous presence in the classrooms of leading experts in the world as well as young researchers wishing to make a contribution to the evolution of electroporation technologies and their application in research and industry;

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Location Dublin, Ireland

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Created by Sophie Hieke on 19 January 2016, at 18:00